We care about you, your satisfaction, and most importantly, your safety and well being.

Our mission is to provide unique, certifiably pure CBD products for our customers. We accomplish this by carrying only quality products made by reputable manufacturers. We ensure that all CBD products we sell are both quality and content certified through third party lab reports.

Third party laboratory reports are requested, viewed, and verified before any vendor's products are sold on our website. From process to ingredients, we promise to provide the highest quality, hemp-derived CBD products available in the US.

Our Brands

Endoca—Endoca’s products are Certified Organic and ISO approved. Endoca is special in the CBD industry, since they use their own seed bank program. They harvest their own hemp and process the seeds using strict quality controls. They even build the equipment upon which their seeds are processed. Endoca’s hemp production is also sustainable—their factories are powered by 100% clean energy.

Foria—Since 2013, Foria has defined quality standards for the CBD industry by providing broad-spectrum products made from 100% organic hemp. Foria tests every batch of their products using third party labs, and were the first to create entire product lines devoted to intimacy wellness. Their products have won multiple awards, including the 2019 Sensual Enhancement Product of the Year. They also employ best practices at every level of production, including clean ingredients, organic and regenerative farming, and responsible packaging.

Joy Organics—Joy Organics manufactures CBD products using a hemp extraction process that involves supercritical CO2, which ensures that the hemp plant’s phytocannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids are preserved. Joy Organics products are broad spectrum and certified THC-Free—a somewhat rare combination in the CBD world. Their high-quality softgels, for example, are 2x more absorbable than other tinctures, and are tested using third-party labs.

Naysa—Naysa brand products are made using industrial Hemp manufactured in GMP-Certified and FDA-registered facilities. Naysa’s capsules, for example, are made with organically grown and domestically sourced Hemp, are gluten-free, and contain terpenes including d-limonene, myrcene, and beta-caryophyllene.

Pachamama—Pachamama’s CBD products are third-party tested and their certificate of analysis is available by scanning the QR code that appears on all their products. Pachamama is known for high quality standards, and have achieved both the Purity Award and “Clean Label” Certification from the Clean Label Project, a highly regarded nonprofit organization dedicated to testing consumer brands and rewarding superior ethics. Pachamama uses a solvent-less extraction method—not potentially harmful solvents—to extract CBD and other cannabinoids for their products.

Premium Jane—Based in Scottsdale AZ, Premium Jane uses some of the industry’s purest strains of industrial hemp to produce their quality CBD products. In addition to providing some of the purest, safest, and most effective products in the industry, Premium Jane’s dedicated team of experts strives to educate the CBD community about the benefits of hemp. Premium Jane is a trusted brand that produces products sourced only from authentic USA-grown hemp that has been harvested in strain-specific microclimates. They are also committed to the environment, and employ sustainable farming and carbon neutral manufacturing, whenever possible.