How to Calculate CBD mg Per ml

How to Calculate CBD mg Per ml

It's important to know the exact concentration of CBD in your products for safe and effective use. This article provides a guide to better understand how to calculate the mg/ml (aka "concentration") of any oil or tincture.

What is CBD Concentration?

Concentration is commonly measured in mass unit(s) per volume (e.g., milligrams per milliliter, or grams per liter) and CBD concentration, therefore, is usually measured in milligrams per milliliter (mg/ml).

This measurement indicates how much CBD is present in each milliliter of a liquid product. Understanding this helps users tailor their intake according to their needs.

Why Accurate Measurement Matters

Accurate measurement of CBD concentration is important for a few reasons. For one, knowing the exact mg/ml contained in your oil or tincture ensures consistent intake across the same portion or the ability to monitor effects across varying portions.

Knowing the exact amount of CBD in your product per usage also prevents taking too much or too little, which can affect efficacy and safety.

It's also cost-effective to know the amount you're getting since this maximizes the value of your products by avoiding waste. It also empowers you to do cost comparisons across multiple products with varying mg amounts per volume.

How to Calculate CBD mg/ml

1. Examine the product label and find the total number of milligrams (mg) of CBD in the whole bottle / product as stated on the label.

2. Determine the total volume of the bottle / product in milliliters (ml).

3. Divide the total mg by the total and that will give you the mg/ml.

• Total CBD Content: 500mg
• Total Product Volume: 30ml
• Total CBD Concentration: 500mg / 30ml = 16.67mg/ml

Therefore, if the example product is a tincture with a ml-labeled dropper, you know that if you take one dropper full (one ml) that you will be getting 16.67mg of CBD.

Below is a calculator that does this calculation for you. Just enter the total mg of CBD in the product as well as the total volume of the product in milliliters.

CBD mg/ml Calculator


Other Helpful Tips for Using CBD

  • Usually it's best (and more economical) to start with a lower mg amount per portion and increase from there, as / if needed, regardless of formula concentration.
  • Making note of intake versus effect(s) on a consistent basis will help determine the right amount for your needs.
  • If using a tincture, you can slightly accelerate the body's absorption by holding the liquid or oil under your tongue for 30 seconds or so before swallowing.

Written by S.W. Afton
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