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I tried Foria Relief Suppositories- here's what happened

The first time I heard about CBD suppositories, I thought "What will they put CBD in next?" However, intrigued, I decided to give them a try. I placed an order for a box of Foria's, along with some other items. Having no desire to use them right away, I tucked them into a bathroom drawer and didn't look at them again for months.

Then, during a particularly difficult period, I found myself on the couch, debating if I should hit the ibuprofen or tough it out. This is usually a "debate" for me because ibuprofen can give me intestinal pains, especially if I take it for more than a day.

About then, I remembered the suppositories.

It took a couple of minutes to read the directions (I always read directions), which suggest inserting while lying down, which I did. I also used a tampon directly afterward, and to be safe, placced a towel beneath me. With nether regions elevated, as directions suggest, I lay in anticipation to see if they really work.

Twenty minutes later- the pain was pretty much gone. For me, the relief was faster and more targeted than ibuprofen, but without the fear of intestinal pain later.

How did it feel? It's hard to explain, and I've used them several times since- but that time it seemed more dramatic, possibly because it was the first time. If my abdomen felt like it was in knots prior to use, afterward, as I told a friend, it felt like the knots had been slowly "unwound." When I say "slowly," I mean within about 20 minutes.

There's also a "cooling" sensation I've noticed with these- then and since. I notice this whether I "chill" them (in the fridge) or not, prior. Sometimes I chill them before use to make sure thy don't melt during insertion, but not always.

I attribute the cooling sensation more to the CBD than the suppository's temperature, since it seems to persist even after the suppository has melted and is usually felt (to some extent) whether I chill them or not.

I don't use these during every period since some are easier to get through than others, but I do reach for them whenever that "tied in knots" feeling starts up.

I can't say how these will affect everyone, but for me they were a game changer as others have said about them. I still have the occasional "debate" with myself over taking ibuprofen for headaches, but after discovering these, my cramps are pretty much a thing of the past.

Written by S.W. Afton

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